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Letter: Downtown stadium clashes with multiple-event nights

Downtown stadium clashes with multiple-event nights

I wanted to attend the Irish Festival and see the duck, knowing both would be crowded.

Last Saturday the Irish festival was easily accessed with plenty of off-street parking and a shuttle bus for anyone that needed it. Access to the Outer Harbor was a pleasure.

The following day we headed to the duck. We parked on Ellicott Street at Chippewa Street (free street parking), walked over to the Fountain Plaza Metro Rail Station and took a nice air-conditioned ride to Canalside.

As the day progressed the crowds enlarged. Police arrived to keep traffic flowing. We then took the train out to the car and easily navigated out of the downtown area. People who haven’t been to the downtown area may not be familiar with the street layouts and signage for the new attractions.

The issue of event release time Saturday should be a warning to the group that thinks the baseball stadium, hockey arena and football stadium should all be in the same area.

Patricia Pike


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