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Power Take: Would you be happy if Tyrod Taylor had Tannehill-like production?

Let’s say Tyrod Taylor completes 63 percent of his passes this season for 4,055 yards, 25 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Would you take it? Would that stat line be enough to convince you he was a franchise quarterback at the equivalent cost?

Be careful. Those are the average numbers for Miami’s Ryan Tannehill the last three seasons. Most Bills fans scoff at Tannehill and consider him an inferior starting QB who was vastly overpaid when the Dolphins gave him a six-year, $96 million deal.

You judge franchise QBs by the highest standard, not by mere stats. A lot of losing NFL quarterbacks put up good numbers. The Dolphins are 22-26 in the last three years. Tannehill hasn’t gotten to the playoffs or raised his game in the most critical moments.

Quarterbacks are judged on winning. If the Bills go 6-10, it’ll be because Taylor hasn’t won the games that matter. If you think six to eight wins and 4,000 yards passing is progress, you must love Tannehill.

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