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Letter: Trump’s values are not those of  the America I know

Trump’s values are not those of  the America I know

The Machiavellian Donald Trump, who says he wants to be president, is at it again. His recent shouting hostility and mean-spiritedness do not reflect anything close to American values. His words are, in fact, the antithesis of what we have stood for the past 240 years.

The real danger of this buffoon is that he appeals to the darkest, most vile fringe elements of this country. His “secret” audience is those who want the return of white male privilege, those who would love to see blacks in the back of the bus and women back in the kitchen. Hey, Latinos, get on the bus, we’re sending you home, all 11 million of you. And this wall (that somebody is going to pay for) will solve the problem once and for all.

Well, that’s not the America I know of. The America I have lived in all my life has long promoted the values of inclusion, diversity, fairness and dialogue, even with your enemy. Did I mention kindness, as well?

Election Day cannot come soon enough. I saw look forward to November when this guy will take his long, long vacation. I’d be very happy to drive him to the airport. I’m told there are some beautiful places in Mexico he can visit.

George McNally


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