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Power Take: Kaepernick backlash is predictably off-base

Colin Kaepernick took a stand by taking a seat during the national anthem last weekend, which invited criticism from people claiming he was anti-American, disrespectful to the armed forces or too obtuse to comprehend that his fame and fortune came from this great nation.

The only thing more predictable than wrath unleashed on Kaepernick was the number of people who pounced after they missed the point entirely or ignored certain aspects of his rationale to fit their opposition. And you wonder why people are reluctant to take an unpopular position.

Kaepernick’s stance was about as patriotic as it gets whether or not you agree with him. Troops for generations have sacrificed their lives for freedom, including speech. The First Amendment doesn’t say “freedom of expression, so long as everyone approves and nobody is offended.”

He applied the rights afforded to everyone. He was protesting injustice for a segment of our country. People can object, but they should know what they oppose.

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