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Letter: Campaign is creating myths that require debunking

Campaign is creating myths that require debunking

There are at least four myths about this presidential campaign.

One is that this is not a change election. Donald Trump is a throwback to George Wallace, Spiro Agnew, Barry Goldwater and Joe McCarthy. In every big city you can find a big-mouth con man; many more talented than Trump.

Second, the media is not liberal biased. If you drive through the Northeast and Midwest you can only get hate radio. Most of the newspapers in these regions give plenty of coverage to Trump. The many Fox News outlets promote Trump.

Thirdly, the old and new Republican Party is the party of big and bigger government. How will Trump pay for his immigration policy of mass deportations without a massive increase in immigration officers and billions of dollars? His Mideast policy will require massive amounts of troops and materials.

And fourth, Trump claims he will pick the right people to run all the functions of government. Yet, he has already gone through three campaign managers! He is the king of nepotism, with many of his family members having major roles in his businesses. A candidate is measured by the quality of his campaigns. Trump’s campaign is an unstable and erratic mess. So will be his presidency.

Every major election is an election for the future of our children and grandchildren. You may want to vote your hatreds, but what will you say to those future generations?

Joe Yonder


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