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Power Take: Volleyball could use more television time

Confession time: Two weeks after the Rio Olympics have ended, I find myself missing volleyball. I love the Olympics. I enjoy watching almost all of the sports. But once every four years is enough for me for most of them.

However, my vote for the Olympic sport that deserves more of a presence on the American sports consciousness is volleyball. It has a lot of the amazing athleticism of basketball, is fast-paced, doesn’t require a ridiculous attention span, yet has strategy that is fairly accessible to the average fan.

The 12-foot-high vertical jumping and spiking of West Seneca’s Matt Anderson, the veteran leader of the U.S. men, was incredible. The players’ ability to dig 80-mph spikes and keep rallies alive was astounding. It’s fun to watch teams try to avoid the opponents’ best blockers and attack the weakest links. The comeback victory by the U.S. men over Russia in the bronze-medal match was great television. The indoor game is way better than the beach game. Nevertheless, seeing a pro tournament on Huntington Beach, Calif., now is on my bucket list.

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