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Power Take: Educators missing the point on OP player

We get so bogged down by rules and regulations, about liability and lawsuits, that sometimes we lose sight of common sense. Human decency gets tossed to the side because, sorry, but rules are rules. So far, that has been the basic response to Jacob Kohler desire to play football at Orchard Park High.

Kohler currently is banned from playing this season because he exhausted his four years of eligibility. Never mind the fact that he’s autistic, which the very reason he needed an extra year in school. For now, he’s at the mercy of a review by the state Education Department.

One argument for letting him play is based on his limited ability, but that shouldn’t be a factor. If he were dominant, it would be more reason to keep him on the field. Perhaps it would lead to him getting an opportunity to play, and support he needed to advance his education, in college.

This case is an example in which sports can enhance education rather than the other way around. You would think the Education Department, given its primary purpose, would be leading the cause. But that makes too much sense.

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