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Letter: When your time is up nothing will save you

When your time is up nothing will save you

Every time I open the paper and find a My View column by Bob O’Connor, I know it’s going to be a good read.

His recent writing about the “ostrich syndrome” made me laugh because the man makes a lot of sense. I know lots of people who love going to doctors more than anything. I’m not in that category.

Doctors almost always deliver bad news. They put you on a medication that, if you take it long enough, will cause other problems, which then lead them to put you on something else to take care of the problems that the medications that were supposed to help caused.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve learned a lot in going with my parents to their appointments, causing them to worry themselves sick at times. So I avoid doctors like the plague. I’ll never forget my dad’s primary care doctor sent him to a surgeon and the surgeon asked him why his doctor sent him. After my dad told him the reason, the surgeon said, “My advice to you is stay the hell away from doctors.” It was all I could do to keep from laughing, so I did anyway.

Both my parents are gone now. Dad died 12 years ago from lung cancer, even though he quit smoking 25 years before his death. Mom passed last year; her kidneys gave out. Probably from the 20 prescription pills she took daily.

Then there are those who spend their entire life exercising, running marathons and eating right who suddenly die from heart attacks. How does that happen? I’m not saying people should let themselves go. Use common sense. I’ve come to the conclusion, for myself at least, that when your time is up, nothing will keep you here.

Karen Patterson

Orchard Park

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