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Letter: The RNC should regroup before it really is too late

The RNC should regroup before it really is too late

By all indications, the Republican National Committee (RNC) will lose a third presidential election in a row. The rationale for the failure lies in apparent RNC inaction to control the number of candidates put forth early in the period leading up to the primaries.

Instead of presenting a “short list” of candidates with “presidential qualifications and demeanor,” the RNC allowed the process to go forward with far too many. Had the RNC acted, a number of the aspirants could have been advised to consider the reality that “this is not your year.”

Instead, the result from debates was confusing and ineffective rhetoric causing some of the reasoned voices of candidates to be lost in the acrimony. Recall that at one point, the RNC canceled a debate in response to adverse media and public reaction.

The end result was a default candidate who emerged even as many in the party raised doubts. At least one respected political observer declared the candidate to be “unelectable” even before the end of primaries. As they say in baseball, three strikes and you’re out. The RNC leadership is no longer in the game.

Without leadership change and a complete overhaul of the candidate selection process, the Republican National Committee will simply go on presiding over failure.

Dan Massing


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