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Letter: Not much difference since the days of the Kennedys

Not much difference since the days of the Kennedys

The old adage states that the more things change, the more they remain the same. In reading the great new biography on Bobby Kennedy, this really hit me as far as politics and the state of our society go. A liberal icon and very complicated and interesting man, he was a political genius and strategist, getting his brother John F. Kennedy elected president by the slimmest of margins, but hated much of the political process, especially the glad handing.

The courting of certain members of the media as well as the suppression of certain events by the media rings so similar in today’s political process.

The race issues of the time, after 50 years, appear to be not much different than they are today. I was especially struck by two of Robert F. Kennedy’s speeches made to both African-American and white audiences in Gary, Ind., while campaigning for president.

In those speeches he stated that it was jobs not welfare that would raise citizens out of despair and that rioting served no purpose. You would think those speeches were taking place in 2016.

As I said, in 50 years not much has changed in our country regarding politics and societal issues. Whether things have improved is your call. If you enjoy politics and a well-sourced biography of a fascinating man I highly recommend the book.

Lou Speranza


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