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Construction begins in earnest on new home for Corfu girl with rare illness

Concrete flowed Tuesday from trucks into forms for the foundation and basement walls for a new accessible house for a Corfu girl with a rare bone disorder – four months after the groundbreaking in April.

Audrina Peterson, 7, who had eight surgeries by the time she was 5, has Ollier’s disease and a rare condition called Mafucci syndrome, resulting in severe deformities and tumors that make the simplest tasks difficult or impossible.

Friends and family reached out for help, fundraisers have brought in about $195,000 and contractors have donated about $140,000 in services and supplies, said Pete Andrews, founder and director of the Christian Youth Corps. The Delevan group was contacted because of its past involvement in large-scale community projects.

Andrews said that the family found out last spring that the house that was planned for the site at 9247 Lake Road, Corfu, would have been valued at about $600,000.

“They couldn’t afford the taxes,” he said. “We sent it back to the architect to build a smaller house.”

Brawdy Concrete donated the use of a concrete pump truck, and Damiani Concrete is joining with suppliers Upstate Rebar & Steel, United Materials, County Line Stone and others to build the house.

“It went very well,” Andrews said after work was completed Tuesday. “The forms come off tomorrow. Now we’re looking for a flat finisher who can come in to finish the basement floor and we’re waiting to hear from Home Depot on lumber.”

Andrews said the goal is to have Audrina, her parents, Todd and Eileen, and three sisters, moved into the house by Thanksgiving.

“This is a Western New York region project, it’s not just Corfu doing this,” he said.

Construction updates can be found on the Facebook page, Building an Accessible Home for Audrina.

It is expected that Audrina’s condition will continue to worsen, and she will continue to need surgeries – and living arrangements – to accommodate her special needs.

News Staff Reporter Dale Anderson contributed to this report. email:

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