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Power Take: Expect progress at QB, not many wins for Bills, UB

I hate to be The Low-Bar Setter in town or The Master of the Obvious, but there is a parallel between the Buffalo Bills and University at Buffalo seasons in 2016: It’s all about the young quarterback, regardless of the wins.

Does anybody really expect the Bills to make the playoffs this season? I sure don’t. But The Drought truly won’t matter much if Tyrod Taylor takes another step forward and has a strong season.

All of the other issues are fixable. The QB, as we all know, is colossally hard to fix. If Tyrod takes a step forward, the future looks so bright.

If he clearly regresses – UGH – we could be looking at 2019 or 2020 before the drought has a realistic chance of ending.

It’s a similar situation at UB, which is not likely to make a bowl game. But the Bulls have a 6-foot-7, 245-pound stud prospect in QB Tyree Jackson. It doesn’t matter what UB’s record is (4-8, so what?) – as long as Jackson looks like the prospect he seems to be. If that happens, UB is staring at big success for the next three years.

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