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Letter: When will the U.S. learn help begins at home?

When will the U.S. learn help begins at home?

Sleep well, America. We have 50,000 troops in Germany. What are they doing all day? World War II ended 70 years ago, so it can’t be occupation. Germany ranks fourth in world GDP, so it can’t be support. Given that Germany is a major economic competitor, why are we crippling ourselves picking up the tab for Germany’s defense?

My point? Baton Rouge sure could use those troops and equipment. Likewise, we could use more help fighting California’s forest fires, and even New Jersey is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

If you want to think closer to home, then take a two-minute drive and you’ll see some aging bridge, road or maybe a water main repair crew – all reminders of our neglected infrastructure.

If you’re still worried about Germany, then maybe you’d settle for bringing the 10,000 troops back home from Italy or, even better, retasking the 37,000-strong Army Corps of Engineers. Trucks, generators, bulldozers, front loaders – get the idea?

You can argue about our commitments, NATO, etc., but you can’t argue that America’s disasters are being neglected.

Charity begins at home.

Phil Parshall


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