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Letter: Face oncoming traffic when walking in the street

Face oncoming traffic when walking in the street

The News was kind enough to publish a letter I wrote some time ago with regard to the rules for walking in car traffic. I’m hoping that letter may have resulted in saving a life or two, but obviously it’s still not enough. As a reminder to those of you who choose or are forced to do this: Please walk on the side of the road where you are facing oncoming traffic.

This would not be necessary if we could count on drivers to always be alert and paying attention, but we can’t. Too many are busy texting, fixing the radio, putting on makeup, eating, etc., and it only takes a swerve of a few inches for them to be in your pedestrian lane. If this happens, and you are facing the oncoming traffic, you will see this wayward car and be able to get out of its way. Naturally, if the car is at your back, you won’t see this happening, and that may cost you your life. Just remember, and please pass this on to those you love: Always walk in the lane facing traffic.

Marge McMillen

East Amherst

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