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Letter: Faces of opiate epidemic highlight the human toll

Faces of opiate epidemic highlight the human toll

Thanks to The News for not letting this addiction epidemic get swept quietly away. The faces of all of those beautiful human beings on Sunday’s front page, who have been tragically taken by this disease, need to be acknowledged. So does the reality that this problem is increasing in alarming numbers.

Those of you who have not yet been affected need to give thanks. Those of us who have need to find ways to get our politicians to do something – something major that will hit hard at the source of this epidemic.

My son is currently serving jail time for a crime he committed while under the influence of opiates. Yet the “doctor” who is the source of these pills sits comfortably in his office doling out more of this poison. He habitually overprescribes to a friend of my son.

Something needs to be done. We are losing this war of corruption and greed, and far too many of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents and friends are being lost forever.

Donna Lafler


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