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Letter: Crews ought to be fixing potholes around the city

Crews ought to be fixing potholes around the city

Here it is again, August, one year later and I’m back in Buffalo for a short visit. My wife and I have lived in Florida since 2008 but our son and his family live in the City of Good Neighbors. It’s hard to believe the dramatic transformations that have taken place on Elmwood Avenue in a metropolis that was my domicile for 43 years!

What happened to that old gas station that was located on the corner of West Delavan and Elmwood? In its place now stands a spanking new, multiuse, four-story building in the making. How do the residents feel about that? It just seems like the uniqueness of some neighborhoods is being chiseled away with “improvements” that may not necessarily be in the best interest for the neighborhood.

Speaking about chiseling, most of the potholes that are scattered on both sides of Delaware Avenue between North Street and Gates Circle are getting deeper and increasing in diameter. It’s as if tiny creatures with miniature jackhammers are constantly at work 24/7 attempting to create a network of caverns in the street. It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I last attempted to navigate the minefield of asphalt craters without being ejected from my nonmotorized two-wheel vehicle.

Please, Mr. Mayor, get your street crews out there and fill in these dangerous chasms and be a good neighbor to your former neighbors who still love the City of Buffalo.

Stephen J. De Garmo

Palm Coast, Fla.

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