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Letter: Nation has to invest in renewable energy

Nation has to invest in renewable energy

There is an argument being expressed that carbon is part of nature, not a pollutant, and that we should revere it, not blame it for climate change. Indeed, we exhale carbon dioxide, trees give it off at night and absorb it during the day, as do all other living plants. Nature has a way of dealing with excess carbon. It is buried. Trees and plants die and decay and are compressed and turn into coal, and oil and natural gas. Those products are sequestered underground, kept from the atmosphere, maintaining a balance, allowing the cycle of life to go on at the surface as it has for millions of years.

Scientists have discovered through observation that when there is too much carbon in the atmosphere, heat is trapped and warming, climate change, results. We are currently experiencing the warmest year on record.

We drill, we frack, we dig, we do whatever we can to produce carbon-based power for our homes and for transportation. Power plants, cars, trucks, heating systems and planes pump billions of tons of ancient, previously buried, carbon into the atmosphere each day. Everywhere we look, there are engines running and pumping more carbon into the already saturated air.

Think of the jobs we could create locally if we adopted sun, wind and geothermal as the primary source of our energy needs. True, the oil and gas industries would fade, but imagine cleaner air, less drought, even an end to sea level rise.

Henry Danielson


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