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Letter: Clinton is too corrupt to hold highest office

Clinton is too corrupt to hold highest office

I believe Hillary Clinton has received immunity from the government, for the government. In order for the Democrats to use her as their candidate, this was mandated. There is no other logical explanation.

Everyone has forgotten that we are a democracy and this kind of thing is not supposed to happen in the United States. However, people will look the other way for their own purposes, whether it be to elect a Democrat, bad or good, or to elect a female. The reason really doesn’t matter anymore.

On the other hand, there is the Republican candidate. With all of his offensive faults, Donald Trump has not committed a blatant crime and swung it in our faces.

We should be aware of a very important overlooked fact: We are voting for a party, Republican or Democrat. Which platform do you believe in? What issues are close to your heart for the growth of our country?

Trump is our option this time around. Do not let a corrupt government persuade you to give up on the most important objective – the party.

Margo Rizzo


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