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Letters (Aug. 28): Our readers speak out

We’ve come a long way since the Summer of ’69

Watching the Bills preseason games this year has brought with it its normal highs and lows. It has occurred to me, though, that the Bills have three African-American quarterbacks on the roster, all of whom should make the cut for the regular season.

It was way back in 1969 that James Harris, an African-American QB, was drafted by the Bills with some fanfare. He actually was the first African-American QB to make the Pro Bowl, albeit with the Los Angeles Rams five years later. What was somewhat controversial and much discussed 47 years ago is now no big deal and commonly accepted.

In this time of racial disharmony throughout the nation, it brings some pride and comfort to know that we have at least made some progress with race in the field of sports and another reason for Buffalo to be proud. Hopefully we can continue to build on this both here and across the nation.

Lou Speranza


Dareus, Lochte deserve heavy media criticism

Kudos to Jerry Sullivan and Bucky Gleason for decrying the abysmal displays of character by Ryan Lochte and Marcell Dareus, respectively.

Bravado and hype have foamed from the mouth of Rex Ryan from the start and been accepted by a fan base hungry for a winning season. His repeated and offensive “build a bully” remarks were an indication of an attitude of indiscretion exemplified on the field by game-destroying penalties.

Ryan needs to take not just a page, but the whole book from the refreshing, exuberant, humble, and articulate USA Olympic athletes, just deliver!

Even Lochte’s actions can’t overshadow that kind of spirit, attitude and success. Let’s hope the remainder of the Bills team can rise above the rhetoric of the head coach through their actions on and off the field.

Scott Campbell


Naming rights deal seemed like a rush job

One calendar year can certainly bring about change. It was a little over a year ago that Terry Pegula wouldn’t sell naming rights to Ralph Wilson Stadium out of respect to the late owner of the Bills.

This is why I was very surprised at how quickly this negotiation with New Era transpired.

In my opinion, Terry Pegula and New Era didn’t put much thought into the negotiation. It looks like nothing more than a money grab for both parties. Were any other companies considered? Were there companies or individuals willing to spend money to keep the “Ralph” name? Could New Era have paid naming rights and just waited to put their name on a new stadium?

Am I wrong to assume that building a new stadium will be handled in the same fashion?

Let’s not blame other NFL owners when it comes to building a new stadium. It’s up to Terry Pegula. Renovating New Era Field should be an option. Keeping Ralph Wilson’s name on the stadium should have been, too.

Henry Biggie


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