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Letter: Selective polling will skew results

Selective polling will skew results

Recently I have noticed a trend. When the media report a new political poll, they start by saying the poll was conducted “among college-educated people.” The thing is, and the media are well aware of this, when you exclude specific groups to achieve an anticipated result, that’s push polling and that’s dishonest!

This is an insult on many levels because it reflects an elitist mindset. Though that is not the purpose, are they saying that the rest of the population doesn’t count, or worse? This at a time when many liberal arts graduates are shoving cheeseburgers through drive-through windows and others are shocked at the size of the bill they get from their plumber, electrician or auto mechanic.

The fact is we do not prioritize the right to vote, but if we did, the people who should be polled are the members of the DD Form 214 club. These veterans are the ones who put their lives on the line for this country and the right to vote. Others simply inherited it.

Patrick Kelly

Grand Island

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