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Letter: Apathetic Americans have to take a stand

Apathetic Americans have to take a stand

Maybe now! Maybe now apathetic, nonparticipating Americans will comprehend all of the manipulation in progress to undermine this nation’s foundation by people within.

When our schools start issuing opt-out chits for the daily “Pledge of Allegiance” to our national flag, Old Glory, the one with the stars and stripes. The one most noted for stepping on or setting afire.

Maybe now the parents of our school children will react to misguided affronts to our democracy by school officials and other civic leaders.

Maybe now we will all pay more attention to the responsibilities that go with the privilege of being free Americans and do the due diligence in preserving this republic for our children and theirs.

Maybe now those whose backyards are the center of their universe will spend moments considering the surrounding soil as well.

Maybe now those wishing to be part of this culture will accept, cherish and promote all the best this nation offers and challenge all that precipitates from the unlit corners of our society.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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