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Letter: Ditch Clinton, Trump and vote for Johnson

Ditch Clinton, Trump and vote for Johnson

This presidential election cycle would be hilariously entertaining if it weren’t so frighteningly serious. The two major political parties have offered up two disappointing (to be kind) nominees to choose from for the most consequential national leadership position in the world. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have earned disapproval ratings in the high 60s and a lot of Americans are crying out for a third option.

I have the answer: just Google Gary Johnson. The very successful two-time governor of New Mexico is running for president as the Libertarian Party nominee, and may be the only grown-up in the race. Libertarian philosophy roughly corresponds to the rules of the schoolyard: Don’t hit other people. Don’t take their stuff. Keep your promises. Most people follow these rules in their everyday lives and libertarians believe that the government should follow them, too.

Instead of voting for the “lesser of two evils,” vote your conscience. We may not win, but we’ll earn the right to sport a bumper sticker saying, “Don’t blame me – I voted Libertarian!”

John Swanson

East Amherst

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