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Austin Harig in police trouble again

The Buffalo teenager who made an unsuccessful bid for the Buffalo Board of Education earlier this year is in hot water again with police.

Austin Harig, 18, faced misdemeanor charges this past June when he was arrested and accused of providing minors with alcohol and allowing the minors to smoke marijuana at his South Buffalo residence.

Earlier this week, he was arrested again at his Zittel Street home after a violent attack sent a young man to the hospital with a possible broken neck and other injuries. Jonathan Tyner, 21, of Reservation Street also was arrested in the alleged assault.

Police responded to a call for help at about 2:25 a.m. Thursday and found the victim laying at the foot of the porch, bleeding from a head wound with both his eyes swollen shut, the police reports show. Officers reported the victim also has a head fracture and some fractured or missing teeth.

Harig and Tyner were arrested at the scene and charged with first-degree gang assault, third-degree assault, resisting arrest, second-degree obstructing governmental administration and second-degree harassment, according to Buffalo Police.

Both men were in custody at the Erie County Holding Center Thursday night pending further court proceedings. The condition of the victim at Erie County Medical Center could not be obtained.

In an earlier incident this summer, Harig was charged with first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child for providing alcohol to three minors – two 17-year-olds and another 18-year-old – at his South Buffalo residence.

Harig, who lost a close contest with Board Member Carl P. Paladino for the Park District seat last May, also was charged with second-degree criminal nuisance for allowing the minors to smoke marijuana at the Zittel Street residence.

At the time, Harig said he was asleep and didn’t host anyone. What happened, he said, is an acquaintance he was allowing to stay at his South Buffalo home was out with two other teenagers when they tried to drag a stop sign into Harig’s house. Police noticed what was happening and stopped them. When questioning the trio, police found alcohol and marijuana in a backpack of one of the teenagers, Harris had said, adding that police woke him up and arrested him because it was his residence.

The case was put on the court’s reserve calendar, said a spokesperson from the Erie County District Attorney’s Office. The prosecution has until Sept. 8 to reopen the case. Otherwise, the charges will be dismissed, and the record will be sealed.

Voicemail messages for Harig were unanswered.

Back in May, incumbent Paladino beat back the 18-year-old challenger for the Park District seat in an election so close that the absentee ballots had to be counted before officially declaring Paladino the winner, separated by 132 votes.


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