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Letter: Stricter laws are needed to eliminate puppy mills

Stricter laws are needed to eliminate puppy mills

Can you imagine your dog living life in a small wire cage, living in his own feces, lonely, no exercise, dirty water and food crawling with bugs? This is how dogs in commercial breeding facilities, called puppy mills, live their entire lives. These dogs are being bred, still young themselves, cranking out puppies twice a year. Dogs are killed once they stop producing enough puppies. Fortunately, in some cases, rescue groups take these dogs

I volunteer for a rescue that takes these discarded dogs. They come to us with swollen and bleeding feet, dehydration, ear infections, eye lesions, severe gum disease and fur so matted they can’t move their legs. Too often their collars, showing only a USDA number, are embedded in their necks.

This past weekend, a huge adoption event was held at Canalside. New York State Citizens Against Puppy Mills hosted “Canalside Has Gone To The Dogs” with the motto to “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” The group educates the public to stop buying puppies at pet stores and online. It strives to change laws so pet stores can’t sell puppies and feature dogs available for adoption.

Why is it legal in our country to let this cruelty continue? The government encourages it because it is a big money maker. It is one’s right to have a business, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of dogs being treated worse than livestock. If it was a private home, the dogs would be taken away. We need to pass laws and say no to animal cruelty!

Kathy Campbell


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