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Letter: Put photovoltaic panels on power plant reservoir

Put photovoltaic panels on power plant reservoir

I am responding to an article in the Aug. 14 News, “Fossil fuels are backup to solar, wind power.” Not in this case. The Niagara Power Authority should put photovoltaic panels floating on the power plant reservoir above the falls. The water is already used as backup power and could easily make up for a cloudy decrease from the solar panels.

The floating solar cells would be more efficient than rooftop ones because of the lower back-side temperature. The panels would be secured and deliver power to the land near the power plant to decrease the cost of being connected to the grid.

The UK put a 6.3 megawatt peak solar collector on a reservoir west of London. With solar on top of the reservoir, the Power Authority should also add wind to the high ground, to get the most out of the location.

Kenneth Welton

East Amherst

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