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Letter: Does law firm use actors to portray injured victims?

Does law firm use actors to portray injured victims?

A large Buffalo law firm has been running a TV advertisement in which an assortment of people keep praising the law firm for obtaining liability settlements over a million dollars. It’s not that I don’t believe these people in the ads, but they all look healthier than an 18-year-old person. I question if the firm is using actors to portray the actual injured victims?

I was involved in handling and negotiating liability claims for over 35 years. In my experience, unless an injured person suffered severe residual/permanent injury to his body limbs, head or functions, the case was nowhere near worth a million dollars or more. If actors are being used to advertise such large verdicts that usually would leave people incapacitated, then the law firm needs to prominently stipulate this at the end of the ad. If I’m incorrect in my assessment, then mea culpa on me and I apologize.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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