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Letter: Culture change is needed to address poverty, crime

Culture change is needed to address poverty, crime

Say what you will about Donald Trump, and what hasn’t already been said? Last week, he met with Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke. Clarke told him frustration, anger and resentment cause riots. He said Milwaukee has 32 percent black unemployment, failing K-12 public education, and father-absent homes. Kids with no fathers around to shape their behavior oftentimes grow up to be misfits. Substitute Milwaukee for Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Buffalo. “Fix the ghetto,” Clarke said at a press conference.

I believe Trump – and I’m no fan of his – hears and understands what Clarke knows. Trump would put in place, from the ground up, strategies and tactics organized by the Clarkes and Darius Pridgens in our cities to bring about real culture change. Instead of strengthening the bridge to the middle class – a good job to support a family – government is doing everything it can to weaken it, such as a welfare system that too often punishes work and rewards choices that destroy lives.

Precious, innocent babies born 20 or so years ago are destroying our cities. It’s not the cops and gun control, Hillary, it’s culture change.

Wayne Landesman

Orchard Park

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