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Letter: Certain appliances are damaged by low voltage

Certain appliances are damaged by low voltage

I couldn’t help but notice the strange way some of my electrical appliances have been working during the latest heat wave. The toaster coils didn’t glow as they normally do, the microwave oven sounded different and took longer to heat food, the fans had to be put on a higher speed to be normally efficient. Why? Voltage drop.

I used my test equipment to check the house voltage and the readings were in the 95-96 volt range. After sunset, when it would get a bit cooler and people would be shutting things off for the night, the voltage would jump into the 98 volt range.

Certain appliances – refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners – that have a motor and a compressor really need full 110 volt power to operate efficiently and start properly. If correct voltage is not supplied, their operating lifetime is shortened and damage can occur. Who pays for my appliance repairs because the power company is not supplying the full voltage that we are all paying for?

Oh, by the way, I just checked the incoming voltage on this cool, comfortable Sunday and it was 108 volts.

William Belz


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