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Letter: Neither humans nor animals want an audience for birthing

Neither humans, animals want audience for birthing

This is in response to the man who applauds public calfing at the Erie County Fair. First of all, how can he claim the first letter writer is projecting her feelings when his wife does the same? She can’t possibly know what that cow is focusing on – no one does.

I do know that even cats and dogs prefer a secluded area for birthing, which is very common in the wild. No matter how focused a woman is on giving birth, she does not welcome an audience surrounding her and oohing and aahing when done. Apply the same for animals. That is a very personal time for bonding. Yes, believe it, animals bond, too.

What common sense dictates is to take one film of one birth by one cow and display it on a large screen for all at the fair to watch. And why not include a human being born? Now that would be an even better discussion to have with your children.

We all deserve respect and dignity, humans and animals alike. For some, that is all they have.

Margo Banatti


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