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Letter: Attempt to smear FDR is not rooted in reality

Attempt to smear FDR is not rooted in reality

I don’t know of anything more infuriating than bad historical analysis, but the recent letter, “Does writer remember that FDR adored Stalin?” reaches new depths of outrageousness to mislead the unknowing. As such, it stands as the worse sort of smear job against the greatest American president of the 20th century.

Contrary to the writer’s claim, the 1944 D-Day invasion was not launched because Franklin Roosevelt loved Joseph Stalin. Rather, that invasion was the cornerstone of the combined efforts of the American people and the people of the British Empire to defeat the most evil tyranny in history: Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Soviet Russia was our primary ally in that struggle and Stalin, for better or worse, was their leader.

American sacrifice in defeating Hitler should never be forgotten. Nor should the sacrifice of the people of Soviet Russia – at least 20 million civilian deaths and 11 million combat deaths.

As to the point that FDR “enabled” Stalin’s success, well, yes, American Lend Lease aid to Russia certainly played a part in the Red Army’s success, as it was designed to do, obviously. But that does not take away from the Red Army’s achievement, best summarized by the fervent anti-communist Winston Churchill in 1944, that “the guts of the German army have been largely torn out by Russian valor and generalship.”

The final smear – that FDR “rewarded Stalin with Eastern Europe “after World War II” – requires assuming that FDR had godlike powers. Given that the territory in question was conquered by the Red Army in 1944-1945, the writer is proposing that America ought to have attacked Soviet Russia in 1945 – a nutty, evil idea, then and now.

John MacCallum


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