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Letter: Why are bikers permitted to violate noise ordinance?

Why are bikers permitted to violate noise ordinance?

Yes, there are many respectable, upstanding bikers. Many are seniors who speak courteously. Many work and give to charitable causes. But it takes just one to pollute the quiet morning air and remind us of how many bikers can be a scourge. They are, in one LaSalle area of Niagara Falls, an abomination. They roar through space, terrorizing taxpayers from talking, thinking, praying and reading.

At no point in their ensemble are they more invasive than with an accompaniment of fine music from a screaming radio.

I still look for news items reporting one of these bikers has been arrested or even warned for violating a local or state noise ordinance.

So many of these creatures behave as though they are unparented and unwanted, running from something, yet desperately needing to assert themselves with noise and notice upon the earth.

What messiah will lead us out of this warm-weather noise wilderness?

Bill Bell

Retired Lieutenant General


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