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Letter: Depression is serious and can affect anyone

Depression is serious and can affect anyone

I’m not sure how a radio show is “making Buffalo proud,” highlighting two men making puerile jokes. A recent one dealt with a planter in the shape of a donkey. I was a high school teacher and I noticed that by the time the boys became juniors, they left behind their sophomoric jokes, closing in on manhood.

As if that’s not a sign of immaturity, how about being “depressed” by a Bills loss? They obviously have no concept of what true depression is. They were astounded that Michael Phelps could suffer such a disability. Yes, it is a disability and a very serious one. A Bills loss may be sad, discouraging, etc., but their frivolous use of the term is an insult to those who suffer this debilitating condition.

Madeline Augustine

Orchard Park

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