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Letter: Trump has some nerve accepting Purple Heart

Trump has some nerve accepting Purple Heart

I am a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War. All of my friends growing up served in the military and they all served overseas, most in Vietnam. Many of my friends were wounded in combat. One was shot through the side of his nose;. One was shot in the chest, and lost part of a lung. Another friend was shot by a machine gun – two rounds in the leg, one in the abdomen and one in the upper arm.

What they all had in common was they served in the military. No phony medical deferments or extended school deferments. And they all suffered throughout their lives from the effects of their wounds. But not once did I hear them say, “why me?” or complain.

They were proud veterans and they received Purple Hearts because they earned them in combat. How Donald Trump, who avoided the draft and the war, could say that he always wanted a Purple Heart and then accept one from a disabled veteran is beyond belief. Trump will always remain in Sen. John McCain’s shadow.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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