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Letter: Trump goes too far with outrageous lies

Trump goes too far with outrageous lies

I am sick of Donald Trump constantly using President Obama’s middle name – Hussein – as though it were some sort of insult. In the past, Trump has told the world outrageous lies about the president. Now he’s actually saying that the president is a Muslim and “is the founder of ISIS.”

I’ve heard the same remarks from people I know during the entire time Obama has been president. Not one of them has ever stopped to realize that Obama did not name himself. His parents named him. He also did not choose his race or where he was born.

What is wrong in this world when people do not have enough common sense to realize that hating someone merely because of his race simply makes no sense? Did you, or I, or anyone on this planet have anything to do with where we were born? The color of our skin? Our name? Who our parents were? No. So how can you possibly hate someone simply because he is half-black (and half white, by the way) and his middle name is Hussein? Conversely, how does having a certain name make you better than anyone else? And why don’t any of the people interviewing “Lyin’ Donald Trump” point this out to him?

Lynn Erice


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