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Letter: Solar panels on roof often aren’t noticed

Solar panels on roof often aren’t noticed

Solar panels have been around long enough that I was really surprised at the Consumer Reports misinformation about them in the Aug. 15 News.

A residential solar panel system costs half of the range Consumer Reports gave. On the other hand, if your utility has a “basic service” charge (look at your last bill), you can never reduce your electricity bill by 100 percent – you always have to pay that basic charge, even if you are on vacation and turn everything off before you leave.

The other strange thing was worrying about whether a leasing company would install “more panels than you want” (unless they would be in shade), because you always want as many as possible so as to reduce your bill as much as possible.

And complaining about them being installed in “highly visible places … such as facing the street” is ridiculous. The solar panels on my house rise about 5 inches above the roof. A month after I had them installed, I mentioned it to my neighbor, who hadn’t even noticed them.

David Irvin


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