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Letter: Media need to highlight Clinton’s serious flaws

Media need to highlight Clinton’s serious flaws

The media and President Obama have been very critical of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sliding down the polls and beginning to unravel due to his dogmatic style and offbeat persona has certainly left him fair game. However, the liberal base, consisting of media and television, have been overexposing his idiosyncracies while his opponent, Hillary Clinton, has basically been treated with kid gloves and given a free ride. The media have downplayed her email controversy and shady Clinton Foundation. The foundation has been shown to have received large funds from foreign governments.

In today’s politically correct society, “sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me” is no longer the norm. Instead, name-calling, insults and in-your-face rhetoric is viewed as far worse than stealing, political cover-ups and uncovering/releasing government emails. Let’s not forget Clinton’s broken promises as a New York State senator and her failed tenure as secretary of state. The Clinton portfolio doesn’t come close to Trump’s political ambition to “make America great again.”

Anthony Hammill


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