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Letter: Clinton is drowning in sea of corruption

Clinton is drowning in sea of corruption

If Hillary Clinton wins this fall, she will be our first president to sail into office on a Sargasso Sea of public corruption. Previously rejected by her own party, Clinton apparently was determined that history not repeat itself. Hacked emails revealed a widespread effort within the Democratic National Committee to defeat Bernie Sanders, precipitating the abrupt resignation of Chairman Debbie Wassermann Schultz, a close Clinton ally. Meanwhile, 8.5 million Sanders donors watched their hopes and their $230 million go up in smoke.

In 2012 the tactical assault at Benghazi destroyed the Democratic campaign narrative that Islamic terrorism was under control. Secretary of State Clinton tried to help by falsely telling families of dead Americans that an obscure video was responsible, then denied it. Two families are suing Clinton for defamation of character.

Shortly after a private meeting on an Arizona tarmac between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey catalogued a series of egregious federal violations by Clinton involving her use of an unsecured private server, including exposure to hacking by “hostile actors.” He then caved on any recommendation to indict her, to the astonishment of most Americans. Now we learn that the nuclear scientist executed as a spy by Iran was referred to multiple times on this unsecured server.

The reason for her private server becomes clearer every day. Judicial Watch continues to release State Department records exposing an unholy alliance between State and the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton may well be our first president who needed to be pardoned by her predecessor.

Malcolm Vanderburgh


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