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Sports Letters (Aug. 21)

Stabler deserving of place in Pro Hall

I wholeheartedly disagree with Tim Graham in regards to Ken Stabler not deserving to be in the Hall of Fame. Ken played fourteen years for three teams and played in 43 playoff games including five AFC Championships in a row.

He was involved in some of the greatest games and moments in NFL history: The “Immaculate Reception” in 1972 (which the Raiders lost), the “Sea of Hands” in 1974, The “Ghost to the Post” in 1977, and the “Holy Roller” in 1978. He led fourth quarter comebacks to win games 22 times.

Ken was a four-time pro bowler, winning MVP of the League in 1974, along with the Bert Bell award for offensive player of the year. Twice led the league in touchdown passes, Super Bowl champion (XI) and chosen as a member of the NFL’s 1970s All-Decade team.

Kevin Mandaville


Bills need players that represent well

The Buffalo Bills will continue their 17-year drought of playoff futility if they continue to employ players that lack character. Two suspensions in one day for bad behavior just shows the management doesn’t take character seriously.

They will never get a cent from me and it’s unfortunate that more fans don’t send the Pegulas and company a message and demand morally-sound players to represent our area in a positive manner.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

Problems for Dareus, problems for Bills

Last year Marcell Dareus claimed the team did not want him here when he was negotiating his lucrative contract. He also felt unhappy and they were making things hard for him.

He should eat those words now that he is suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the NFL drug policy, Who is he making it hard for now? He just embarrassed himself and the team and might cost the Bills a chance at making the playoffs.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Brady’s injury poses a question

I heard that Tom Brady didn’t play in the Pats second exhibition game because he cut his finger recently. I’m a little skeptical here. I’m thinking he did it when he smashed his cell phone!

Dale Slisz


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