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Letter: Trump blames media for his own stupidity

Trump blames media for his own stupidity

I have a few suggestions for the Republican presidential nominee. He has implied that the Second Amendment offers a remedy to Americans who feel the government is taking away their rights, so perhaps he should propose a national holiday in honor of the first citizen to avail himself of that remedy. Imagine: “No school today, kids. It’s John Wilkes Booth Day.”

In addition, he has suggested sending “observers” to “certain areas” on Election Day, in order to ensure that “nobody votes five times.” Perhaps he should give those “observers” special shirts to make them more identifiable. Brown would be a good color. Red armbands would add a nice touch.

Finally, he has complained that “disgusting and corrupt” media are not covering his campaign honestly and are “putting false meaning” into his words. Because he believes that reporters are “the lowest form of humanity,” perhaps he should propose a Ministry of Truth to oversee their work.

Maybe I’m just being sarcastic about all this. Maybe not. OK?

George Morse


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