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Letter: Remember local pols who support buffoon

Remember local pols who support buffoon

Spending the weekend in our nation’s capital to move our son back to school was a welcome break from this election cycle’s “noise.” Upon my return, I read the transcript of a radio interview with the Republican presidential nominee’s New York State co-chair effectively doubling down on the nominee’s disrespectful characterization of a Gold Star family. The co-chair went even further than the absurd comments and assertions of the presidential nominee, suggesting the Khizr Khan might be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or, like President Obama, perhaps a “founder of ISIS.” Remarkable.

That’s a bold strategy for the co-chair, as well as the congressman who was first to endorse the GOP presidential nominee. A proud moment for Western New York? Probably not: Attach yourself to a buffoon who is about to endure the biggest smackdown since Jimmy Carter was trounced by Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Not only is Hillary Clinton – and I’m not a fan – leading in critical swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, the GOP is polling behind in red states that have been long held as securely red. Bold indeed.

Let’s hope Western New York voters remember those who not only supported this ineptitude, bigotry and hatred, but even lowered themselves to regurgitate the same vitriol coming from the mouth of their sad excuse for a presidential nominee the next time they head to the polls.

As for November, beware of the Clinton Republicans as they are forced to vote their conscience and select, in military terms, their “least, worst option.”

Jeff Bean

West Seneca

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