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Letter: Clinton’s lies prove she can’t be trusted

Clinton’s lies prove she can’t be trusted

Is Hillary Clinton unfit to be president? Does she possess the integrity and honesty to be president or are those qualities irrelevant in today’s society?

Clinton dodged charges for gross negligence in handling U.S. security secrets. The FBI director stated Clinton lied when she said she had State Department permission to have her email server at home, and lied when she said she had turned over all of her work-related emails. The FBI found thousands more. The FBI said she was “extremely careless.” If Clinton were to be elected president, we will have a commander in chief who was reckless in the handling of national secrets.

In 2008, Clinton fabricated a story about crossing a tarmac in Bosnia in 1996 “under sniper fire.” A total lie. She also lied about Benghazi, saying the terror attack was caused by a video. In 1996, William Safire of the New York Times called her “a congenital liar.” Clinton also stated she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, who conquered Mount Everest. The only problem is that she was 6 years old when he reached the summit.

If, knowing all of these deceptions, Americans still choose her as commander in chief, it sure says a lot about our morals.

John Orlowski


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