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Letter: Clinton is the one voters should fear

Clinton is the one voters should fear

Donald Trump may say some things that get under people’s skin. He’s doing this, I believe, for free publicity and yet, his rallies are packed to the gills. The liberal media try to make us believe he’s way behind in the polls and our president says world leaders are afraid of him. I say let the liberals say what they want and it’s about time other countries are afraid of the United States again.

Don’t forget, if every person who owns a gun votes Trump, Hillary Clinton has no chance. So far, the Donald has only used words. I was taught actions speak louder.

Speaking of actions, let’s start with Vince Foster, Gennifer Flowers, sniper fire, looting the White House, emailgate, Travelgate, the mysterious loss of law firm records, Whitewater, Benghazi, Chinagate and the Clinton Foundation. Folks, these are documented actions and if any one of us did this, we’d be jailed.

Now I see a commercial whereby Clinton says she’ll create millions of jobs. Let’s go back to actions again. During her Senate run, she said she would create 200,000 jobs in New York. This was an epic fail. To me, it’s Clinton we should be afraid of, based purely on her actions.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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