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It seems to us: A new era at The Ralph, not missing those mosquitoes and Trump is sorry

News staff reporter Tim O’Shei offered fascinating insight into the moments before the announcement that Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park would become New Era Field, named for the cap company that purchased the naming rights.

It is well worth reading and savoring the significance of the moment. Knowing that Wilson, now deceased, was open to the idea of offering the naming rights “to a Buffalo-based, family-held business” is an appropriate tip of the cap to a new era – for the Buffalo Bills, we hope, as well as the stadium where they play.

We should probably be worried that Western New York isn’t seeing many mosquitoes this year. We’re trying – really. After all, it’s a sign of something gone awry in the region’s normal patterns.

Try as we might, though, it’s hard to be stressed at the fact of not being regularly bitten by pests that not only raise welts and ruin picnics, but that carry diseases such as West Nile virus and, further south, Zika virus.

Experts say it’s possibly the lack of rain that has kept the mosquitoes at bay. That, itself, is a double-edged sword, providing a spectacular summer for outdoor enthusiasts, but creating problems for farmers and others who depend on normal amounts of rain.

And, of course, the question inevitably arises if the lack of rainfall is associated with the broader issue of climate change. Maybe, and if so, troubling. But it’s sure nice not to be slapping away these incessant, buzzing, whiny pests.

So, Donald Trump is sorry. He didn’t say for what, exactly – no surprise there – but he claimed on Thursday to regret causing unnamed people “personal pain” through his comments made “in the heat of debate.”

Let’s be clear: His comments have been vicious, degrading, intolerable and chronic. There has been no letup, and it’s hard not to expect him to revert to form. That’s who he is. He may be able to cover it up for a while, but who really thinks it will last?

As to the apology, it carries no weight. It’s no coincidence that he offered it only after his presidential campaign headed into the toilet. It’s damage control. For anyone who imagines otherwise, there’s a spot in Trump University.

Trump is sorry, just not in the way he means.

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