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Letter: Voters need to consider the candidates’ motives

Voters need to consider the candidates’ motives

Nowadays it’s not a bad idea to follow the money. If you do, you begin to recognize that no one does anything without the hope of some kind of payoff. Some call it heaven, some call it duty, some call it trophies and some don’t get the question.

If you can figure out what motivates each of the candidates in any election, shouldn’t your choice between them be determined by who has the most decent heart? How could anyone think that Donald Trump has a better heart than Hillary Clinton – or than anyone, for that matter? He’s entitled to the fame he’s earned for capturing the media for nearly two years, but no one but a child can think that fame itself implies any talent beyond chutzpah.

To Trump’s supporters: The joke has timed out. If you let go of it now, you can always later claim you were a rebel. If you continue to support him, you’ll only be able to acknowledge that you’re either an opportunist or a fool.

John W. Nelson


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