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Letter: Trump should admit he’s in over his head

Trump should admit he’s in over his head

This letter is addressed to the people who are still committed to voting for Donald Trump. I am not requesting that they vote for Hillary Clinton at the end of the day, but I have a few questions. What does Trump have to say that he hasn’t already said to Americans of rational reasoning that demonstrates he is not fit temperamentally and intellectually suited to be president of the United States? The growing number of Republicans who are disassociating themselves from his candidacy should be a signal that he does not represent the moral values and social commitment of the party he claims to represent.

Every day a new controversy seems to rear itself around him, but he deflects the blame saying he has been misquoted or misunderstood by the media that are out to get him. If his message is so unclear, what will leaders of foreign countries think when they try to deal with this kind of leader? What will happen in a decisive moment regarding immediate rational action to a crisis?

A recent letter caught my attention. It mentioned that the writer was a Trump supporter. He intimated that a fool should remain silent so that he would remove doubt that he is a fool. Is this suggesting that Trump remain a silent fool and still garner the writer’s vote? This seems to speak to the idea that no matter what, people will vote for even a known incompetent.

It is a long time until Election Day, but I believe the Republican Party leaders would be happier if Trump acknowledged that he is in over his head (or in Trumpian fashion that he is bored with the process and can make more money opening another business) and withdraw in favor of a more suitable individual. That eventuality still exists.

Ronald J. Cohen

East Amherst

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