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Power Take: Can’t blame Rio for problems caused by Lochte and others

Say you’re throwing a party, and a guest brings a friend who insults your neighbors, trashes your home and steals your jewelry. Do we blame you for throwing the party or the person who actually ruined the evening?

Rio de Janeiro has had its issues during the 2016 Olympics. The swimming pools were green, waters along the beaches were filthy, a training facility was home to a king-sized rat, and heaven knows what else.

But don’t blame it all on Rio. Any city that invites the world to a massive festival is also inviting trouble.

It’s not the city’s fault that Ryan Lochte and his cohorts concocted a story, allegedly, about being held up to cover up their own juvenile behavior. Or that an IOC official was arrested for scalping tickets. Or that boxing judges were shipped out for incompetence under suspicions they fixed a fight.

Brazil’s visitors, not its people, are responsible for many of the problems so far during the Summer Games. You can’t criticize the country holding the Olympics when, really, it was unruly guests who spoiled the fun for everyone else.

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