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Letter: Right would bash Clinton if she behaved like Trump

Right would bash Clinton if she behaved like Trump

What do you imagine would happen if Hillary Clinton, during the course of the primaries and her presidential campaign, had made fun publicly of a disabled journalist, questioned a Federal Court judge’s ethics based on his heritage, urged people at her rallies to beat protestors, called for the removal of a crying infant that bothered her and joked how she used bankruptcy to her financial advantage?

What if she had bilked tens of thousands of dollars from people who bought into one of her many “make more money off my name” schemes, demanded closing our borders to all Muslims, belittled a fallen Gold Star hero’s family for suggesting she knew nothing of the Constitution, accused a sitting president of creating a terrorist organization, accused her opponent of murder and vehemently refused to release her taxes?

What if she spoke fondly of the present Russian dictator, had a key Democratic platform component removed to make it easier for Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine, urged other countries to begin raising nuclear arsenals and suggested that we cut our support for NATO?

What if she had name-called her opponents like a petulant third-grader, and hired an individual to run her national campaign who made millions running a campaign for a former dictator in Ukraine with close ties to Putin, all the while telling anyone who will listen how rich she is and how great her ideas are, and how she alone can save our country?

What do you think would be the response from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani, right-wing talk shows and blogs? What would they be saying about her mental stability and qualifications to be president of the United States?

Stephen Saracino


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