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Letter: Why must officials link Buffalo, Niagara Falls?

Why must officials link Buffalo, Niagara Falls?

The Aug. 13 News published a letter from Mayor Byron Brown. In that short space, he used the term “Buffalo Niagara” eight times.

Isn’t it time to drop the “Niagara” from being attached to the airport, medical campus, convention center and whatever else? Let the city stand on its own.

If the idea was to include the region, then why not just refer to all of these things as “Greater Buffalo”? For instance, the Greater Buffalo Medical Campus?

But if the idea was to be attached to Niagara Falls, my question is why? It’s not the Niagara Falls/Buffalo airport. Besides why would Buffalo associate itself with a city that has one of the wonders of the world and yet within a half mile there are slums? There is minimal development, and it takes five years to get a simple hotel off the planning table.

Niagara Falls is dragging Buffalo down, like asking a sprinter to run with cement sneakers!

David Schaff


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