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Letter: Dad’s words of wisdom are relevant to election

Dad’s words of wisdom are relevant to election

As we grow older, we realize how smart our parents were. My late father was a very wise man. He was a member of the Greatest Generation, a World War II combat veteran. He also was a Buffalo police officer for over 37 years and, as a result, could read people very well. He cautioned us as children to never trust anyone who accuses you of lying. The accusers are the liars, or it wouldn’t occur to them that someone else was telling a falsehood.

In my adult life, I have occasionally been accused of lying and each time I consider the source. It has always been by someone who, as it turns out, is less than honest, to put it mildly.

If my father were alive today, he would be impressed by Hillary Clinton’s keen intelligence, vast experience, drive, demeanor and class. And he would see Donald Trump for who he truly is – a con man, a fraud, an opportunist and a “shyster,” to use his word.

I know the absentee ballot from above of this former conservative Republican is marked for Clinton. We should all consider the absentee ballots of our ancestors and do the right thing on Election Day.

Linda Lalli Stark


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