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Letter: Lancaster’s ‘leaders’ can’t solve rat problem

Lancaster’s ‘leaders’ can’t solve rat problem

As a resident of the Village of Lancaster, I applaud The News for another great article on the rat problem in this place. However, this problem has always been around. The problem here is the so-called leaders, who love to discuss problems but never find a resolution.

The village has money for all of the special events, but not a penny for the rat problem. The board of trustees is not a group of leaders but more of a mutual admiration society. Four of the board members have been there for well over 10 years.

We need term limits in Lancaster. The taxpayers have been taken for a ride for far too long. The trustees do what they want because they know they will not be held accountable. As a veteran, I will never regret serving my country. However, when I watch what goes on in this village and town, I sometimes wonder where my country went.

Edward J. Lawrence

Village of Lancaster

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